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NEW PALLETS!!!!!! Pleeaaassse send a number and character if your interested! I’m super excited about all these new colors! Ive gone through all the other ones on the last pallet! So send them if you like!!! I love doing this to show my appreciation for and thank all of my awesome followers!!! And its a good distraction and project for me right now. 

Thank you guys! I LOVE YOU


I really want to try this!

please do it!!!




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Reblogging to reference later.

Also hangin’ onto this!


As a thank you to all of my followers I am finally doing my first give away! :D

There will be a total of 5 winners! 3 will get the “deluxe” prize pack, and then 2 others will get the slightly less deluxe (but still awesome) prize pack!

Winners will be chosen randomly two…

i tried to make an audio post with this and it was a challenge.

took me an hour to make this

Posted 3 days ago

I found an old doodle that’s still pretty okay

Posted 3 days ago
Anonymous : Do boobs grow on trees?

They don’t grow anywhere. They arise from the depths of Hell

Posted 1 week ago

This joke is dead but I keep stabbing it

Posted 1 week ago

puppies in a laundry basket! ( x )

nothing but doodles on this blog

Posted 1 week ago